The Significance of VO2 Max Testing

Cenegenics® goes further than any regular medical examination. We offer advanced testing that achieves advanced results. The measure of your ability to consume & utilize a high quantity of oxygen during exercise, plays a vital role in accurately understanding the full picture of your current health. By gathering these results, we can further personalize your program around your specific body, goals and lifestyle.

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What is a VO2 Max Test?

VO2 Max tests are all about functional capacity. The test itself is explicitly intended for your ability to dynamically expand the power of cardiovascular exercise. It's a very precise determination of your cardiovascular wellness - and you don't need to be a fitness expert to do it! Regardless of whether you're sitting at a work throughout the day or running long distance races, we'll adequately test your aerobic and anaerobic execution.

How is VO2 Max Testing Performed?

Like most medical tests, there are numerous approaches to play out a similar assessment. VO2 max is the same. The most common procedure incorporates strolling on a treadmill set at a 10% slope.

Every two minutes, both the treadmill's speed and grade increment until your maximal work limit is accomplished. While some believe this to be the most in-depth methods for testing, it additionally builds the hazard for injury. Strolling or running at high speeds for a long timeframe can conceivably be risky for the individuals who are overweight or for the most part idle.

When you achieve elevated amounts of wear, the danger of falling likewise turns into a genuine plausibility. Every essential precautionary measure must be taken so as to guarantee your security above all else.

A more secure option in contrast to the treadmill test is a cycle ergometer. The fundamental thought of gradually and relentlessly expanding the power is the equivalent, however with significantly less danger of damage.

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Aerobic Threshold (AeT)

This is a very crucial point for the major muscle groups because it is where oxygen supply is adequate. Anything under the aerobic threshold states a level of effort which can be managed for hours. Even though your training below the aerobic threshold is of minimal value, this will also be measured.


Anaerobic Threshold (AT)

This is also known as your anaerobic metabolism in which your exercise intensity level at which your muscle’s demand for oxygen is not being fully met, placing you in “oxygen debt”. This is when lactic acid starts building up in your muscles causing them to fatigue faster. These vigorous efforts can be sustained at intensity levels below the anaerobic threshold for an extended duration of time, but never above. The VO2 Max test is used to measure the anaerobic threshold.

Why is VO2 testing important?

Remember the last time you used the heart rate monitor at a gym? Everyday fitness is an important part of life, but most heart rate devices aren’t as precise they are thought to be. There can be gaps between each individual’s anaerobic threshold (AT)--sometimes by more than 50 heart beats per minute.

This knowledge makes us understand that target heart rate displays worthless. At Cenegenics®, will not look at your physical well being generically. We custom create a cardiovascular program specific to your fitness level, aiming to condition your heart, maximize fat burn, and lessen time spent in the gym.

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How to Read VO2 Max Test Results

We use VO2 max technology that provides accurate and useful data. Using this information simplifies the clarification of your results.

One of the most outstanding qualities of this test is its ability to track all of the following data in 15-second increments for the throughout the entire test, letting our physicians observe changes and how fast physiologic markers move as the exercise level intensifies. Once completed we are able to monitor every move your body makes while in exertion.

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Why Do a VO2 Max Test?

After learning from the prior information, you now understand the VO2 max test gives you a deeper look into your complete health, disease risk factors, and fitness levels. The VO2 max test will let you take a look at your extended health and mentionable risks of disease. A full life health plan with any amount of importance is insufficient if lacking a VO2 max test.

Did you know that just a little exercise could preserve your heart? When VO2 max levels are low there is a high risk of heart disease. One VO2 Max test results in a greater accuracy in foreseeing heart disease than other health tests such as smoking, hypertension, diabetes, or high cholesterol.

This kind of information is useful, but when it comes to looking at the total picture of your health, VO2 max and METS are the greatest markers. These tests can uncover the most information about your current state of wellness.

VO2 measuring joins routine health and total fitness level together-- offering useful data. This information can overhaul your normal exercise plan. A heart rate (HR) monitor is a piece of workout equipment that will help to use the data.

Many technological devices such as smartphones and exercise watches are able to take your heart rate and give you direct feedback. If you use heart rate as a way to determine exercise routines, you can match it to your intensity level. In turn, it makes it much simpler to follow outcomes and to have a good starting point.

You may wonder how we do this. With our clients in good health, our Cenegenics doctors will recommend high-intensity interval workouts (HIIT) to support your goals. Once you have grown accustomed to the workouts, the intensity will increase which in turn increases your heart rate putting you in a state known as – your anaerobic zone. Once you’ve reached your doctor recommended heart rate, you can recuperate into a more average heart rate. The completed VO2 Max findings will help to discover recovery time and amount you reach your anaerobic area.

On the other hand, if your VO2 Max results indicated that high-intensity interval training is too difficult to start with, your physician will prescribe a heart rate range to provide moderate, steady-state cardiovascular exercise.

Maximizing Results at Cenegenics® with VO2

We are able to create such an accurate program by using the data from your VO2 test in order to adjust your comprehensive program, which adjusts your comprehensive program and minimize risk factors for age-related diseases. After the completion of this test, your results will be analyzed by one of our Cenegenics® Physicians. Afterwards, there will be a qualified exercise coach and nutrition counselor who will help you maintain and make necessary adjustments to your personalized plan.

As soon as you achieve your target heart rate zone, your personalized workouts will be clearly defined. We will stimulate the EPOC effect by having you perform anaerobic exercises at various times that are within your targeted range.

EPOC is short for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. This is the period of time after physical activity when your body begins to recover using oxygen to generate adenosine triphosphate (ATP), clear out lactate, return normal oxygen flow to the rest of your body, and restore your body’s temperature to a normal level. Post workout, your body’s metabolism will become excited and highly active. This is the best part of the high intensity workout, where you can sit back, relax, and reap the rewards of burning extra calories.

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Take Your Health to the Next Level

You will never get a better investment from your overall health with VO2 max testing. Cenegenics Park City is here to help you with a unique and stunning experience!

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