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I joined your program because I was depressed, and had a hopeless outlook on my life. You changed me like you will never know to where I went to go back to my passion of engineering RF products. My confidence is back and I now have two ongoing design projects that will protect our DoD and hopefully commercial aircraft. I have been recognized in the as a pioneer in RF coding testing and am currently building the next generation of SDR radios for the US government that is 100% government owned.
This is all new to me two years ago, I am charting new territory and realise (sic) your help has changed my hormones that somehow changed my outlook and others with me as well.
I realise(sic) my histamines are sky high and probably the cause of my blood clots and my memory is failing me more often and I will follow up with this.. I want to stress that you and your program has been extremely helpful to my success."

- Anonymous

I am extremely pleased with the Cenegenics® program. After one year on the program, I have lost 3 inches from my waist and my body fat has dropped by 34%. I have more energy, sleep better, and my overall health is quite noticeable. I can’t say enough about Dr. Flowers and nutrition & exercise counselor, Chris Patterson. They have helped me totally change my life. I look forward to the results this next year will bring.”

– Jeff T., October 2017

This is exactly what I need and have been looking for to improve my quality of live and increase my longevity.”

​Gregory K., September 2015

Highly beneficial and informative."

​Bryan L., August 2015

They told me the truth about the real condition of my health and have a program that will raise my quality of life.”

​Thomas H., September 2015

Great service and outstanding focus.”

​Donald B., July 2015

It was very easy and informative. Also motivational.”

​Michael P., June 2015

I was very impressed and excited to begin.

​Tim B., May 2015

Looking forward to working with this great group of professionals!”

​Gary B., April 2015

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