Telomere Testing

Our physicians know that in order to truly understand health and wellness, it’s beneficial to know the true rate at which your body is aging--beyond the number on your driver’s license.

Simply knowing your age isn’t an accurate indicator of where your biological clock is. That’s where telomere testing comes in. You don’t have to walk blindly into aging--you deserve to understand what’s going on inside your body.

Telomere testing is a simple blood test that can reveal an incredible amount of pertinent information--transforming the way you view your health. Your chronological age does matter, but your age-related telomere changes can tell us so much more about your health, including the amount of wear and tear that you’ve put on your body.

Don’t Let Your Future Melt Away

Think of a candle with a wax covered wick. Telomeres are the wax that protect the wick. In this case, the wicks are your chromosomes and telomeres protect them from damage.

Our cells constantly divide and each time they do, your telomeres become shorter. They can only become so short before they burn out. By measuring their length, we can assess your biological age compared to your chronological one.

Imagine being able to determine an accurate picture of your health, once and for all-- that’s exactly what telomere testing helps accomplish.

You have quite a bit of control when it comes to preventing the shortening of your telomeres. Just as actively doing things can help, not doing certain things may be just as, if not more important. Smoking, stress, processed foods, excess body fat, and a lack of exercise can all speed up the shortening process.

What if you could get a peek into your true age?

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No matter what the results, you could improve your health and longevity.

"Telomere length measurements can provide valuable feedback on one's disease risks and, potentially, the effects of lifestyle changes."
– Dr. Elizabeth H. Blackburn, 2009 Nobel Laureate for telomere science

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Know Where You Stand

Telomerase Activation and Healthy Aging

Since individuals do not age at the same rate, telo-mapping establishes important biomarkers that our certified doctors can use to anticipate the onset of certain age-related diseases and disabilities.

Through this information we can make immediate preventive corrections. This is essentially like looking into a crystal ball for the purpose of future preparation. Wouldn’t it be powerful if you could identify a small unique correction that prevented a heart attack down the road? That’s the beauty of this testing.

If your test suggests premature biological aging, we can recommend simple steps to improve telomerase activation and better manage your risk factors, such as:

Correcting Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal optimization can restore everything from your mood to how much energy you have. By correcting imbalances with bioidentical hormone replacement, we can help to reduce the adverse effects of telomere shortening. This can lower your overall risk of developing a degenerative disease or premature disability.

Improving Physical Fitness

A routine exercise regimen can increase your body’s metabolism, improve your range of motion and reduce your risk of developing diseases. Our metabolic fusion training also prevents premature telomere shortening.

Nutraceutical Supplementation

Eating the right foods isn’t always enough. Due to the lost minerals in today’s modern soil-- it’s nearly impossible to get everything the body needs from your diet. Even if you’re eating healthy, how do you know all of your unique body’s needs? Our nutraceutical supplementation aids in protecting against harmful nutritional imbalances. In addition, taking our TA-65 supplement can promote healthy telomerase activation.

Live Longer

Unlike many other forms of prevention, telomere testing can give you direct insight into how you can Defy Your Age(™)!

Whether you are experiencing age-related stress or physical limitations, telomere testing will give you a peek into your future--and how you can change it.

Our team is ready to provide you with an incredible experience!

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