There is so much nutritional information available that it can be nearly impossible to choose what you should follow. Every weight loss guru and health expert wants you to follow their plan. The truth is, no one else’s plan is going to fit you just right. You’re a unique individual, and your needs are unique as well.

Your body is made up of many individual likes, dislikes, protein requirements, hydration needs, possible areas of sensitivities and intolerances. It’s no wonder that all of these different diets or “health movements” haven’t worked for you. They can’t take into account your one-of-a-kind body. On a tailored plan, where your body gets what it truly needs, you can thrive. From that point, you start to feel better and more energetic in a relatively short amount of time. Weight loss becomes so effortless that it falls quietly in the background of your life, while you focus on getting the important things done. 

Here are some questions to answer before a free consultation. Do you:

  • Have late night “binges”?
  • Feel sick after high fat meals?
  • Find it hard to maintain weight loss?
  • Crave sugary treats or carb-heavy snacks?
  • Have trouble making good choices when eating out?
  • Suffer from an upset stomach after eating certain meals?

By analyzing your clinical test results and other health markers, we’re able to design a fully customizable eating plan for you based on your results. You’ll meet with our nutrition counselors and gain valuable guidance on implementing your new lifestyle.

Our goal at Cenegenics® Houston is to teach you how to eat for your body goals and no one else’s. Finding what works and what doesn’t through key testing can save thousands of hours of worry, upset, and confusion. This plan will teach you how to eat out when traveling, how to enjoy fine dining meals when socializing and how to cook delicious food. Everything you need to transform your health is right here.

Feed your body the fuel it deserves with a tailored plan.


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