​Heart Health Testing

Cenegenics® Heart Health Testing sets a new benchmark in preventive healthcare.

It encompasses the same forward thinking, intense research, advanced technology and comprehensive lab screenings that have made us the leader in age management.

Nothing is more important than your heart. It works every second of every day to keep you feeling your best. It may seem like heart disease strikes out of nowhere, but the truth is, it’s just quiet. There’s a reason that it’s called the “silent killer”. After quietly filling your arteries with plaque over several decades, without warning, it strikes. With our 21st century medicine-- this is completely preventable.

It’s very important to find out where you stand. Our Heart Health Testing can take an accurate picture of your complete heart health. This includes any pre-existing conditions and risk factors.

Our Heart Health Testing procedures utilize the most advanced medical technologies from the world’s leading cardiac laboratories.

In-depth cardiovascular screening includes:

  • Panasonic CardioHealth Station
    Cenegenics® is the first private company to use Panasonic’s CardioHealth Station for heart disease prevention and treatment. This noninvasive, life-changing system helps establish your risk or current threat of plaque formation within the carotid artery.
  • Berkeley HeartLab
    Will you be at risk for coronary disease by age 30, 40, or 50? Using specifically designed genetic testing we can identify your risk level for coronary heart disease, heart attack or stroke. Advanced lipid panels can show whether heart disease is a current issue. 
  • Cleveland HeartLab™
    Cenegenics® Atlanta uses Cleveland HeartLab for diagnostic biomarker testing. Markers help our age management physician determine if you are prone to inflammation and ultimately help prevent heart attack or stroke.

In America, one person dies from cardiovascular disease every 36 seconds – which is more than diabetes, Alzheimer’s, accidents or any type of cancer (source: American Heart Association). But, with periodic evaluations from your Cenegenics physician, we can help you manage a proactive plan to prevent heart disease and avoid any life-threatening conditions such as stroke. Our passion is keeping you well and healthy.

Heart Health Testing is an incredibly powerful tool that is now at your disposal. There’s no reason for anyone to live in fear of heart disease any longer.

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Cenegenics® has helped over 35,000 patients take control of their symptoms-- at the cellular level. There’s no reason to live with deficiencies any longer!

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